Tissue Stratigraphy

It is an ultrasound scanner with a scanning capacity of about 10cm which provides information on the type and quantity of adipose tissue and quantity and muscle quality

It is an echograph in all respects, it is characterized by a low penetration, in that the objective of this survey is not to analyze the fine structures.

The two main peculiarities are:

  • Adipose tissue: its thickness is analyzed in critical or desired points, thus assessing its evolution in time; you can also evaluate the type of fat deposited, or if it is long-standing or recent, so as to set up different strategies. It can also be used to calculate the percentage of fat total.
  • Muscle tissue: the thickness of the muscle can be assessed, and therefore the evolution over time (increase or decrease, obviously the second case is hardly desirable), but also state of the muscle, or if it has a good tone and condition, or if it has "recovered" from a workout or previous race.
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