Metabolic Holter M&T

With this tool you can read the calories consumed in a day in order to properly set the food and integration plan

With this technology there is a monitoring of various functions of our body, during a 57 day period.

An instrument is used, the Armband , normally present on the market, it provides readings using an accelerometer, a skin and external temperature detector and a galvanometer, it is therefore much more accurate than other apparently similar devices.

But the real difference is the 4MOVE platform, to which it is related, thanks to a software dedicated and long experience in reading and interpreting reports are provided:

  • Calories consumed: during the day and punctually even minute by minute (which is very useful for example if you want to evaluate the caloric expenditure related to a specific activity)
  • Basal metabolism: reading the values ​​during the night, especially during deep sleep, yes it is in the conditions of the definition of the basal metabolism, therefore the measure results highly reliable.
  • Physical activity index (IAF): or how many calories are consumed by physical activity in relation to basal metabolism.
  • Route space: in terms of steps and km

But so far these are data that can be superimposed with other devices the peculiarity concerns still the sleep:

  • Sleep quantity: how much you sleep in relative hours and times
  • Effectiveness of sleep: how much you really sleep, during the hours you spend in bed
  • Staging of sleep: that is, a decisive factor, which phases of sleep we have, in fact, sleep light does not appear to be effective for rest, instead the phases of deep sleep and sleep are REM, in particular the latter is very important at the hormonal and psychic level.

Therefore having a quality sleep (which does not necessarily mean long) is very important for all that is our existence; a restful sleep is a limit for weight loss how it affects physical performance in an athlete.
Aspect, therefore very important, but often overlooked.

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