The Ketogenic Diet

It is a diet that allows to "speed up" the results, but on the other hand it cannot be protracted for long periods.
It is based on the drastic reduction of carbohydrates, to ensure that our body draws on fats so much jealously preserved!

Often is confused, absolutely wrongly, with diabetic ketoacidosis, condition characterized by the production of ketone bodies at the same time as elevated blood glucose, in this case i ketone bodies are not consumed (as there is glucose available) and accumulate causing pathological acidosis.

La chetosi it is instead the mechanism that is established during fasting to make the brain can to survive, to remember how the brain is able to use fats, the problem is that the latter they cannot cross the blood-brain barrier (which protects the brain from possible non-intrusions) volutes), for this in case of fasting and therefore lack of glucose that the liver produces ketone bodies a starting from fatty acids; the ketone bodies are capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier e reach the brain.

To underline how the only cells obliged to use glucose in an exclusive manner, as they lack of mitochondria, they are red blood cells.

So we are "designed" to use ketosis, but this is a defense mechanism (to defend ourselves from famine and lack of food or carbohydrates) which therefore cannot be continued for periods prolonged, on average it is estimated to be safe 20 days.

This scheme has the advantage of getting faster results in the short term , of being able to "attack" obstinate adipose deposits, those that thanks to the tissue stratigraph are classified as old fat.
The presence of ketone bodies significantly reduces the sense of hunger.

It is a regime that cannot be operated in the presence of kidney disease, some heart disease, type I diabetes, pregnancy or breastfeeding.
It must be well evaluated and often requires integration, given that some nutrients could fail.

So I don't want to propose it as the definitive diet , for me there isn't one but there are many people! Finally I was able to develop a series of products that make the ketogenic more applicable, I remember to have operated my first keto on myself twenty years ago, but without bread or sweets it is not simple, now I have developed bread and desserts that allow you to operate a ketogenic with much less sacrifices!

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