How I work

What I use and why

Operating also as a nutrition teacher, I am often asked what program I use to write my nutritional programs, my answer isword!

This is because I firmly believe that there is no nutrition program that can be effective for everyone, just because we are different, even a lot , personally I do not agree at all attempts to categorize us, for example through the blood group.

I like to think of my nutritional programs as a tailored suit, maybe sometimes a little more expensive, but designed on the person, which respects the needs (for example, meals out or dinner with family, or Sunday lunch by grandmother or mother-in-law!) and also tastes (it's useless say you have to eat broccoli if you haven't tasted them in 40 years!) and almost always unique!

But a fundamental step is the pleasure that food gives, as I often say in class “remember that first of all the wonderful biochemical and physiological processes that food operates in ours organism, it passes from the mouth! ", therefore, as far as possible the tastes and the pleasure that comes from food should be taken into account.

It is not uncommon for me to get out of my studio and I am asked the question "doctor but sure." I will lose weight with this program ??? ..... I eat more than before! "

I have to underline how I was the first patient of myself, as a kid I was pretty overweight and unfortunately for that I am "branded for life", that is I tend to gain weight, so not only have I been on a diet, but I have to keep a lifestyle that doesn't make me fatter than new, but if the diet has to interpret its etymological origin, or from the Greek diaita that is style of life, it must be pleasant ...... you can't live in white rice and grilled chicken breast !!!

For this my approach is not unique ... you can switch from the zone diet, program that provides a precise ratio between nutrients in order to avoid any glycemic and therefore insulin overhang programs that are very popular lately like the Dukan diet , but Dr. Dukan has no invented nothing, I myself followed a program like that twenty years ago; we should talk not of protein diets, as they are often called, but ketogenic which involve the drastic reduction of carbohydrates in the diet, to push our body to use i fats, if operated with criterion this regime has advantages and can be followed without health consequences.


Thanks to this instrumentation we analyze not only the body composition, but above all the hydration and the phase angle and the cellular mass of the individual

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Metabolic Holter

With this tool you can read the calories consumed in a day in order to properly set the food and integration plan

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Tissue Stratigraphy

It is an ultrasound scanner with a scanning capacity of about 10cm which provides information on the type and quantity of adipose tissue and quantity and muscle quality

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