Food supplements:
It's a field that has always interested me, I remember when I used creatine for almost 30 years ago the first time, 250mg tablets in blisters, to get to 5g it took 20 !! And since then yes did the load ... .. to do 4 times a day !! From there I went through all the steps concerning integrators, I also worked as a representative of integrators during the degree course in Chemical Engineers, not by chance my thesis was just a about the separation of caseins from milk by ultrafiltration. Since then I have always been interested in food supplements in the sports world but not only mine experiences and skills have allowed me to take care of the subject from all points of view; from initial development of the idea and therefore the formulation, set up and design of systems; from labeling to customer advertising, finally also to teaching in the field of food integration and to the training of appointees and representatives. There are various companies in Italy and in the world with whom I have collaborated in ways that are sometimes continuous sometimes in an extemporaneous manner, sometimes only modifying existing formulations. To date, thanks to the Spinoff Galascreen, of which I am co-founder and recently CEO, I also operate the evaluation of the efficacy and toxicology of integrators and nutraceuticals, through protocols that provide for them studies, in vitro, in vivo and on men. Finally I am planning a book on supplements with the publisher Ediermes, a unique work in Italy.

Food and novel food:
As a nutritionist and technologist, it was the I bread that fed the structure and production of food daily! Having an excellent background in chemistry, food chemistry and biochemistry always have me too interested, from here I applied my interests in practice, collaborating with various realities like a biscuit factory and a distribution of bakery products, always thinking of innovative products, in 2006 I have developed a protein biscuit, when for many it seemed absurd and now it is normal. I also developed an entire line of both sweet and savory baked goods with a very low content of carbohydrates, below 5%, created for a ketogenic protocol but usable in various dietary styles, together with these various products such as creams and fruit base. I worked with restaurants and juice bars to create attractive and at the same time healthy formulations. Also in this case I applied my teaching skills in collaboration with a cooking school and pizza, teaching the chemistry and biochemistry of food, cooking and fermentation.

As far as I'm concerned, bioimpedance is a third arm in a nutrition study, a tool indispensable and that is why it collaborates with the Mascaretti of Ancona for the optimization and development of software for the interpretation of bioelectrical data, in this sense I also actively participate in a project with the Magna Grecia University of Catanzaro

Last but not least is the university spin-off, in partnership with Dr Cione, Caroleo, Gallelli, Perri and De Luca, thanks to an initial regional financing, we have got one instrument at the forefront of the Nanostring, the possible uses are disparate.
First of all we are analyzing the miRNAs, in various situations: Evaluation of inflammatory states, in response to dietary and supplementary styles or nutraceuticals, operated with the Lightflow and published on miRNA Evaluation of miRNAs in human or cow's milk, best evaluating the first, improving and / or producing a superfood with the second, in this sense we have a PON underway with Granarolo Evaluation of the microbiome from human feces in pathological and physiological states, creating an evaluation panel reliable in collaboration with Artemisia laboratories Creation of panels to assess the subclinical inflammatory state in obesity as in overtraining Evaluation of particular pathological states, we are operating a preliminary in collaboration with the ACMT on the CMT 1A.

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