About me

My education and career


  • 2004 – Chemical enginering
    Università della Calabria Rende (CS)
  • 2007 – Food Science and Technology (bachelor)
    Università della Calabria Rende (CS)
  • 2009 – Human Nutrition Sciences (master degree)
    Università della Calabria Rende (CS)
  • 2012 – Registration for the second year of Medicine and Surgery
    Università della Magna Grecia - Catanzaro

Diplomas & Master

  • 2001 - Physical Culture Coaching Diploma
    NABBA – Roma
  • 2006 – Master in “Advanced Nutrition and Supplementation”
    Berkeley – California – USA
  • 2011 – Zone Consultant
    Zone Academy – Milano
  • 2016 - Food Educator in Tennis
    FIT (Federiazione Italiana Tennis) Scuola dello Sport CONI - Roma

Roberto Cannataro

I have always had a passion for nutrition !!

In fact, since in the period between 13 and 16 I was also quite overweight, I can say that I was the first patient of myself ...

I started my studies with a degree in Chemical Engineering, but I soon discovered that it was too much engineering and little chemistry ... meanwhile, in addition to practicing various sports, football and soccer in particular, I started to cultivate my another passion, weight training, getting an instructor's diploma and starting working in the gym, later I would have one of my own. 

But the experience that changed my life was the time I spent in California, where, after graduating in biochemical engineering and food science and technology, I spent a year and a half working as a personal trainer at the 24hour fitness , but above all coming into contact at the University of Berkeley with world-renowned nutritionist JL Napoli and even more so with George Brooks, exercise endocrinologist, author of books and countless scientific articles… .a monster!
But I still remember my first meeting with him in the cafeteria to talk about this and that as if we had known each other for a lifetime ... just like in Italy !!

Then, back in Italy, I graduated in Human Nutrition Sciences and started practicing the profession on an ongoing basis.

Still, between commitments, difficulties, two children and a dog, I am enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery.

At the moment I deal with nutrition from all points of view, I am passionate about applying to sport, I teach, in fact also for SANIS, but I treat patients with pathologies, including particular pathologies like fibromyalgia, on which I have translated a book, or CMT. There are now 14 centers in Italy of which I am responsible from Reggio Calabria to Trento.
In addition I apply my knowledge in engineering as a stable consultant for two Italian companies that produce low-carb supplements and foods, but also as a freelancer. I like to think of diet as a tailored suit, it must be tailored, it is unique and must be comfortable!

Schools & Academies

In which I taught and still teach

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Seminars & Courses

Held over years

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Educational activities

In wich I participated

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